MatchBoard is operated by SC WIL  a non-profit dedicated to increasing engagement and moving our communities forward. MatchBoard continues that mission by providing a digital platform for citizens to find out about the boards and commissions governing their communities and apply to serve. 

How It Works

MatchBoard streamlines and digitizes board and commission management for county and municipal governments. Our web-based app digitizes and automates workflows allowing  governments to:

  • Have a centralized database of their boards and commissions
  • Keep track of expired, vacant, and upcoming positions
  • Communicate with citizens
  • Receive more applications from diverse, qualified applicants
  • Review and collaborate on appointments

MatchBoard was created to better inform and involve citizens in local government so they can:

  • Learn more about their community’s governing boards and commissions
  • Create a profile showcasing their qualifications
  • Communicate with officials
  • Seamlessly apply to boards
  • Stay updated on the status of their application

We need to rebuild trust in government.  Our governing bodies need to reflect our communities. Our boards and commissions need more volunteers to serve. Our citizens need to know about ways to lead. MatchBoard is an innovative solution to these problems creating a transparent and efficient mechanism for governments to share information about and receive applications for their boards and commissions. 

Contact us to learn how your municipality or county can join.

MatchBoard is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.

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