Connecting counties and municipalities with qualified citizens looking to serve their community on a board or commission.

Are you still dealing with an outdated paper-driven system to manage your boards and commissions causing unnecessary delays and disorganization?

Reclaim your time, improve your efficiency, and save money with MatchBoard℠.

Without an efficient way to move applications through the appointment process positions remain vacant, quorums can’t be met, and decisions are not made. Let MatchBoard℠ connect you with qualified citizens eager to use their expertise to enrich their community.

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How it Works

Easy Integration

  • Quick, hassle-free onboarding process
  • Securely embeds into your website
  • Updates board and commission information independent of IT staff

Streamline Applications

  • Computes how qualified each applicant is based on their skills 
  • Allows applicants to check their application status
  • Reduces phone calls and follow-ups from citizens

Digitize Processes

  • Keeps track of all available positions and applications in one convenient place
  • Easily share and collaborate with council members 
  • Contacts members eligible for reappointment

Automate Reporting

  • Generates comprehensive reports with one click
  • Provides analytics on all your boards
  • Instantly calculates term dates
Erika Hammond
MatchBoard not only gets rid of the binders, it gets rid of the spreadsheets and the word documents, and so forth. I see MatchBoard as being a game-changer. I always want citizens to feel like they can serve in the city of Columbia and I don’t want something as simple as our website to be a hindrance to their service.

-Erika Hammond, City of Columbia City Clerk

Connie Portee
Citizens need to know that they have a voice. Being on boards and commissions give them the opportunity to express their voice.

-Connie Portee, Orangeburg County Clerk to Council

Sarah Brock
The clerk's office has the daunting task of keeping up with applications, appointments, reappointments, resignations, rosters, meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes while also serving the needs of the 11 member county council. I am incredibly excited to move away from the antiquated excel spreadsheet tracking method and into MatchBoard, a program that will streamline the clerk's operations and better serve our agencies, boards, and commissions, while saving us time and creating consistency.

-Sarah Brock, Beaufort County Clerk to Council

Daniel Rickenmann
One of our biggest struggles has always been to get people involved in our community, and boards and commissions are the backbone. We need to make sure that we are reaching every corner of our community–that diversity is a big part of it. We want to make sure folks are engaged and right now we see this great opportunity because so many people in our community have reached out and said ‘how can I help?’ Well number one, apply for a board and we’re going to make it easier for them…

-Daniel Rickenmann, City of Columbia Mayor

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